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meisjemoon -

Im so so scared bc one of my roommates told us shed move out a week ago(!) and now has found another guy (we were all girls or uhhh girl presenting ig in my case) to move in but I hate him. she didn't ask if we're okay with him, didnt react when i said I dislike him/ later said I'd just help looking for someone else, but once I did she just said yea guy confirmed he'd move in k bye. Now my other roommate and I will have a videocall tomorrow with him but I dont want him to move in eitherway, I'd be alone with him in the flat for a lot of the time, since my other roommate is with her family most of the time anyway (all applicable for non coronavirus time, rn we're all with our family). I'm just super scared of having to move out bc I dont like him and the girl I talked to about moving in said no now after all bc the guy's confirmation put pressure on all of us and our room wouldn't be her first choice and now I'm just so so scared and angry bc it's just so unfair, just bc she wants to move out in less than a month and get out of her contract without paying double rent (understandable, but not fair for those of us who stay) we now have to suffer and my anxiety and stress levels are upped by so much I'm on the verge of tears whenever someone just mentions the flat and I got online classes to deal with as well, just fucking end me

meisjemoon -

oh yea this? cleared up when someone told me there's two guys with that name in our study track. one is terrible and hes the one i knew, the other is a really laid back guy who's the one to move in. so im both embarrassed by my freaking out but also angry at the girl moving out bc if she had just told us a bit abt him it wouldn't have gotten this stressful B')